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Light Box - why you shouldn't buy one!

When it comes to jewellery photography, first thing that comes in your mind usually is a light tent. You can buy them very cheaply on ebay. Also the well-known brands will offer a range of options usually at a higher price than their low-end rivals. The problem with these is that they’re not going to get your best shots however, they are a great way to shoot many items quickly but you risk to end up spending hours in post.

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So, what can you do to get the right balance between photography and post-production? In our experience, shooting and editing jewellery can be a lot simpler and quicker using a DIY light box.

Make your own! It’ll cost you only a fraction of what you would spend on a pre-made one!

We have it all worked out so stay tuned and check back in a couple of days - new video tutorial coming soon!