Jewellery Photography Tips

How to Photograph Jewellery

Jewellery Photography Tips.

When customers browse online, the first thing they see is the picture on your site. Your customers will draw assumptions on your business based on the photos displayed on your site. Therefore, any e-commerce retailer needs the best product photography that vividly reveals the finer details of the products being sold to increase conversions. In this article, we will share jewellery photography tips that will ensure that your product is revelatory from first impressions.

To us, jewellery photography is an art of showing people what your jewellery means to you.

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Invest in a Great Camera.

Well, nowadays even iPhones have cameras and we are tempted to use them in product photography. However, to capture quality images, the role of a powerful camera cannot be overemphasised. Moreover, a professional camera has countless features that can enable you to get a clear shot of the product. For example, with a professional camera, it is easy to change the focus of the background or even add lenses to the camera to shoot products that are afar off. As the case is for e-commerce traders, the more details you reveal of a product the more likely your product will be purchased.

Use a ‘Macro’ Setting to Capture the Finer Details.

As already stated above, the finer details of a product revealed in a photo, the higher the likelihood of the product being purchased. Therefore, when using your powerful camera, ensure that you activate its macro settings to provide a zoom of the finer details. By so doing, customers will be able to view the product up-close and confidently purchase it. Notably, when dealing with jewellery items, customers are very particular on the finer details and therefore an up-close shot on the item gives them the impetus to buy.

Select a perfect background.

The background you choose should envision how you expect your clients to perceive your product whenever they view it online. Consequently, you should consider a seamless background for your product. Admittedly, a plain white background is ideal for standard product photos. However, contrary to popular opinion, white backgrounds aren’t as simple as simply setting up a table against some white wall. Instead, you should use a sweep. A sweep is an exclusively white space that gives the background with an infinite outlook.

Consider the lighting of your photos.

The lighting of your photos determines how your product will appear. You can either choose hard light or soft light. Hard light means that the light surface is smaller while soft light means that there is a lot of light surrounding the product. Additionally, the distance of the light plays a significant role since closer light results in a harder light outlook. Ultimately, it all depends on how you want your product to appear.

Shoot a variety of images.

Never stop at only one photo per product. You need to have a variety of shots for the product you want to display online. For instance, if you are shooting photos for a particular type of jewellery, try to get some jewellery photos on a model and show your items from several angles.