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Why and How to Shoot Jewellery on Models

Probably you are an ardent fan of jewellery items and you have spotted one online. The only setback you face is that you cannot try the piece of jewellery. Now if you are an online jewellery retailer, you need to visually communicate to your audience how the piece of jewellery will look like on their bodies. Maybe you should consider doing some model shots. In doing the model shots, we will look at what to do when undertaking jewellery photography with a model.

Always focus on the jewellery
Remember you are not selling the model, you are selling the jewellery. Therefore, ensure that the focal point of the camera is on the jewellery. That doesn’t mean that you ignore the model, No! The model brings out the emotion behind wearing the piece of jewellery.
Remember this is not product photography where you set the jewellery into a light box to get an even reflection. Here you have a model wearing the jewellery and therefore you need a labyrinth of reflectors coupled with few flash guns surrounding the subject.

Direct the model
Even when you are shooting, engage the model throughout the shooting session. Also, make sure that the model is at ease during the shooting phase.Remember that the facial expression of the model greatly influences the reaction to the jewellery she is wearing. Therefore, as a photographer avoids barking orders that make the model develop a phoney expression.

To us, jewellery photography is an art of showing people what your jewellery means to you.
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Generate a mood that suits the jewellery
Maybe you can use visible clothing or props to create a mood of evening and romance. Don’t be over obsessed with lighting everything evenly, instead focus on ensuring that the jewellery is perfectly lit. Also, don’t mind any shadows in this case as long as the piece of jewellery is finely lit. If the shadow will create the appropriate mood, especially when shooting some dressy and elegant jewellery, then let it be as long as the piece of jewellery is adequately lit.

Retouch cautiously
Ensure that the model gets a good manicure before you begin shooting. Also, consider getting some professionally applied makeup on the model. Even if the cost of getting a hair stylist may be high, take time to ensure that the model’s hair is good looking. Whichever approach you choose, experiment to ascertain what works best for you and then proceed.
Remember here we have the piece of jewellery and the model. So, there will be a lot of retouches that will have to be done. This brings us to photoshopping a model which is no mean feat. You have to even out skin tones while ensuring that the texture of the skin is visible.
In summary, jewellery product photography with model can be very tricky because the focus is on both. Therefore you have to ensure that you do not lose the message- which is the jewellery and the mood it creates on the wearer.

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Ben Sallie
18/05/19, at 12:33

Great article!

M.O. Studios
19/05/19, at 09:21

Thank you!

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