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The Beginner's Guide to Great Product Photography
product photography

Product Photography Techniques

The use of creative product photography gives you an opportunity of showcasing your product to your online audience. Regardless of what you are selling, online shoppers prefer photos that infuse life into products, and thereby influencing purchasing decisions. Rightly done, your product photos will effectively engage your audience and this will translate into more sales. To help you get the best photos for your online business, here are product photography ideas that you can implement to improve your sales.

Light makes photography. Embrace light. Admire it. Love it. But above all, know light. Know it for all you are worth, and you will know the key to product photography.
George Eastman

Backgrounds & Props
You should keep your background out of focus. When you have an off-focus background, the eyes of the audience will be focused on the main product. You need to keep your main product in front while the background remains blurred. Different props and environments help customers to imagine and understand the intended use of the product.

Photo Editing
Sometimes, demonstrating the core offering of a product may prove difficult, and this calls for the adoption of clever use of imagery to vividly explain what a traditional photograph cannot.

Product in Background
Sometimes, the capability of a product is its ability to seamlessly fit into the situation of a customer. To clearly show this, you have to get a clear photo of the product within its intended environment or use, but not as the focal point.

Stand-Alone Product
As opposed to our initial point, in certain circumstances, it may be important for the product to display on its own. Specifically, if the product is intricate or innovative, shooting a stand-alone photo of it enables its simplicity to be showcased

Suspended Product
When you want to showcase the strength of a product, you can hang it and give it’s a camera shot. Also, a mid-air positioning of a product dramatizes the shot and leaves an indelible image in the mind of the viewer.

360° Spinning Product
If you want to provide your customer with an immersive experience of the products you are selling online, an Arqspin 360° spin will work wonders. The quality video loops provided by such spins provide unparalleled online 360° product images. Moreover, customers have more control over what they see, while also allowing you to showcase every detail of the product you are selling.

People With Product
When the core offering of your product lies in its interactions with people, it is best if people are included in the shot. By including people, you humanize the product and give it a personable appeal.

Freeze Frame Photography
If you want to exhibit that your product was designed with a particular use in mind, then you should consider freeze frame photography. A freeze frame shot captures a motion that showcases a product in its most important moment.

All Products Options
Appreciate that your business has several customisable repetitions of the same product, so you have to showcase all of them instead of merely mentioning them. In fact, you should capture the scope of your offering in terms of size or style and emphasis should be placed in these nuances.

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