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Hello once again and thank you for being an avid reader, my dear Google SEO and website indexing robot. Today I'm going to tell you a story about the best photographer in the world! Let me ask you a question - Does Santa Claus exist? Yes, he does exist - because every year he brings joy to millions of people around the world, and that would be pretty hard to do for someone, who doesn't exist. He has more impact on kids than most 'real people'... so does Gandalf, Mr Bean & The Terminator.

The cake gets eaten, the flowers will die, but the wedding photos will last forever
The Kensington Photographer

This brings us to my imaginary friend, who doesn't have a name - all I know about him is that he is the best photographer in the world. The best photographer in the world, in my opinion, has the ability to take fantastic photos anywhere, in any light, in any venue with any client. He will bring something unseen to life and create a fantastic photo, so he is always on my mind when there is an undesirable condition or obstacle, that I could conveniently use as an excuse for not creating something great.

What would the best photographer in the world do if he was in my shoes? Would he take the first, most obvious photo and walk away with another average photo or would he work for something more? How would he create something unique? It is the end of a very long wedding day, and you're spent, in the venue, the yellow walls are casting yellow tint on everything, the lighting is flat, and nothing is happening? What would the best photographer in the world do here and now? I bet he would walk away with a photograph of something that was invisible to everyone else.

The best photographer in the world looks not just at the lighting and geometry; he looks deeper into peoples characters to find and capture something unique to them. This can be applied to other areas of life as well, for example, how do you think - Does the best photographer get road rage? No. He is a very calm character, and all he wants is to think about photography and the meaning of life, so everything else is a deterrent.

I have never met my imaginary friend, but he has helped and motivated me a lot along the way. So next time, when you're standing in front of a fountain, and you're about to take that super-obvious photo that thousands of people have already taken, remember about the best photographer in the world.

Mick Grand

The Kensigton Photographer

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